Anonymous asked:

if you use sai for drawing, what are your brushes and such?

ri0tbreaker answered:

Glad you asked, anon! *u*

my stabilizer is usually set to 0-3 to draw, and 11 to ink!

i snatched this from a post a while back. it looks and plays amazingly, and is very very fun to sketch with. ; u ;

Marker!! is what i use for value studies and sketches. I love working with it, and it’s also something that I sketch with a lot <3 i love using black with it, too. It’s also v interesting to use when it comes to painting metal or shiny surfaces because of it’s weird properties. if you try it, you’ll know what I mean.

i use this one for painting and theraphy feels good to paint with it. it’s called ‘brush beautiful’ and i snatched it from a post a while back as well. very fun.

and this is my inking brush. again, I use 11 stabilizer and let me tell you, it STILL slips a bit!so just go all the way up to s-3 if you feel like you have to ; u ;

hope it helps somehow.



A generous fuck-ton of muscular male abdomen references.

* As always with large images, you gotta reverse-image search ‘em to find the larger size. Sorry about that. It’s the most helpful reference you will find on abs, so far, so I encourage you to search it.

The reason why some people have issues with abs is because, most of the time, the person who’s ripped has 0% fat on ‘em, so it looks ridiculously artificial. You gotta contrast the muscle in a very precise and concise way, and it can look fake, depending on the lighting and corporeal structure of the circumstance. And I say that cautiously, as by “fake” I don’t mean they look disproportionate; it just sometimes doesn’t look like how skin and muscle should appear. (And I know there are some repeated images in this post, but since it’s about something specific, I thought it’d be helpful to have ‘em conglomerated in one place.)

[From various sources]